Despite the large number of rumors, it is still unknown whether Apple is working on their own car or the company decided to limit the creation of automatic control systems. However, some interest in this area the cupertinos have. This is confirmed by Apple’s patents.

In the database of the Bureau of patents and trademarks United States revealed several documents related to automotive project Apple. In one of the patents describes an advanced lighting system, which will be paired with special glasses. The latter should be embedded filters, which cut off the light rays. Thus, engineers expect to make even if you have turned on the cabin light, night-time passers-by didn’t see what was going on in the car.

The second patent is about doors. According to available data, in the car, Apple will be missing the Central building. According to the authors of the patent, this will greatly simplify access to the interior.

As mentioned above, while there is no “material” evidence that Apple is working on a full car. In the past the experts said that the prototype of your vehicle cupertinos can imagine in 2020 or 2021.


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