After the release of each new iPhone to start talking about excellence and the backlog of competitors, the absence of ideas and the collapse of Apple. However, such arguments never end, and the number of fans is not reduced. And this year: it seems that iPhone has never been cheap, people are still surprised by pricing of the company, and the number of pre-orders is growing year by year. “” explains why Apple is asking so much money for their phones and when you need to change the old iPhone to the new one.

Disputes about the characteristics — logical response to novelty, especially in such a rapidly developing market, because how else to understand what you need to pay attention to, and what not. However, they are divorced from reality. An ordinary person tied to the ecosystem, and if they already have iPhone, the only clear comparison is with his own phone. And if you take five devices for 70-100 thousand rubles, and start poking them with your fingers, explaining than a single black rectangle is better than another, he will only be able to organize debates on the Internet, Recalling these comparisons.

Now many people go with the old iPhone are either no longer get system updates, or iOS 13 was his last. And this is a sure sign that should be updated, what is the question of whether to take a new iPhone or take last year, which was cheaper, and maybe even go on Android. Interest in new devices is growing in particular because it is time to buy something new.

This year didn’t happen that redesign, and the new iPhone is almost an exact copy of the last two. “The unibrow” at the top of the screen remains the same size, and everything else, right down to the cutouts on the steel frame under the plastic insert, remained the same. Different back cover only. First, the unit cells now occupies a huge area that immediately catches the eye. Secondly, made of frosted glass (the frame is steel — all the same glossy), and Apple moved to the center. The inscription of the iPhone case are generally removed. The entire rear cover, including the “island” with cameras made from a single piece of glass. About the design there is much debate, but if you do not judge subjectively about beauty, its task designers Apple: iPhone 11 Pro can be easily distinguished from any other smartphone on the market.

In Apple claim that the glass is made stronger, and, judging by the first crash tests, it really can survive a drop on concrete or tile from a height of a meter and a half. Protection against dust and water conforms to IP68, and the phone can be submerged up to four meters for 30 minutes.

We should also mention the increase in weight and thickness. 11 Pro, the changes are not particularly noticeable — it became a total thickness of 0.5 mm and heavier by 11 grams. But Pro Max weighs 226 grams (last weighed a little more than 200), and in thickness it is nearly the same as Xr: 8.1 mm 11 Pro Max and 8.3 at Xr.

The biggest shock was the new dark green color scheme. Moreover, under bright light it is really swamp, and angles becomes dark gray and almost black. Looks interesting, although this phone is still permanently in the pouch, so the role is not plays. The solution would be to buy a transparent case (which Apple began to produce for the 11 Pro), but it costs more than three thousand rubles and kills all the beauty of frosted glass.

As part of the characteristics here, too, everything fits in one sentence: the iPhone Pro 11 Max the best screen, best processor and most tenacious battery in Apple’s history. Experts DisplayMate gave details about the iPhone screen, can you briefly outline a couple of items: brightness in normal use is about 800 nits, and viewing HDR content reaches 1290 (iPhone Xs Max — 725 NIT, the Xr — 625, the Galaxy Note 10+ — 778 1,308 in the peak). The contrast was increased to 2 000 000:1, while the iPhone Xs 1 000 000:1, and Xr — 1400:1. Those same experts have recently recognized the screen Galaxy Note 10 the best on the market, gave it the title of iPhone 11 Pro for a “much better display performance than competing smartphones”. But the screen refresh rate is still the same 60 Hertz, and when Apple will move at least 90, as OnePlus 7 Pro — is unclear.

Six-core processor A13 Bionic Apple is gaining in performance tests the highest scores, although last year’s A12 quietly passed the now current Snapdragon 855. The only thing which is important to the growth, — working with augmented reality and image processing from the camera, and with the usual games and apps phones manage for many years. More notably, it has become 30 percent more energy-efficient. But there’s no support for 5G that it doesn’t matter, but in a few years, after the normal start of networks of the fifth generation, it may become a decisive factor for the purchase of another phone.

However, as Apple has improved autonomy, is beyond praise. This is just the reverse side of the fact that phones have become thicker and heavier. If not to delve into complex diagrams and explanation of autonomy through hours of video playback and phone conversations, the situation is this: iPhone 11 Pro Max has become the most long-lived iPhone ever, and are followed by iPhone 11 Pro, 11, Xr and all others.

Even with heavy use from 7 am until 12 at night, with constant update, instant messengers and social networks, playing games and using the camera, to the end of the day failed to drop 11 Pro Max below 30 percent of the charge. Usually when five hours of phone usage with the screen on in the evening there was more than 40 percent. Judging by the tests of battery life, now 11 Pro Max is the most “tenacious” leader in the market.

It’s funny that most of the gadgets end Pro no relation to the professionals do not have and for some specialized tasks are not adapted. In Apple trying to justify the name of the smartphone is the new camera system. The fact that the company has long been in the position of catching up, and while Google practiced in computational photography and overtaking competitors in the years ahead, Apple could not overcome the small schools like the yellowness of the pictures.

Now, the major camera three: standard with a wide angle with a focal length of 26 mm, ultra wide angle with focal length 13 mm and telephoto with 52 millimeters. If we assume a standard focal length of 26 millimeters, swearshirt gives twice the distance, and telephoto — a two-fold approach. All three cameras have a resolution of 12 megapixels and can record 4K video with a frame rate of 60 fps. That’s just the optical stabilisation is only on the main and the cameras, so to use iPhone as GoPro Pro 11 will not work. Yet sversheniy aperture of f/2.4 (when the main camera, f/1.8, and a zoom lens, f/2.0), in low light noise and decreases the quality of pictures, no night mode, no autofocus, and he can’t focus on standing near objects. And as with all wide angle camera, it “smears” the edges of the image, adds a vignette and barrel effect

Finally Apple added a night mode. It is a mixture of shooting on a long exposure and HDR: before you start, you specify how long to keep the phone still, then there is a few photos of them constitutes the final frame. And some tab type “Night” here, and the system determines when to enable this mode. Moreover, if the phone detects that it is on a tripod, then puts the shutter speed even longer, up to 30 seconds.

And in night mode the system does not simply unscrews the brightness, turning night into day and tries to allocate focus and to simulate the external light source. If you try to remove the person or some object in the dark, it will be gently lit and the background will remain dark so as not to ruin the mood. But there is no magic there, so you cannot aim the camera in a totally dark room and get a detailed view, and under very poor conditions on the frame will be visible noise.

With the addition of super wide-angle camera, the iPhone can now take pictures without approximation. Previously, when shooting portraits the depth of field calculated from the primary and telephoto lenses, because of what the final picture came out with a twofold approach. Now as the reference camera may be a wide angle, so images are blur on the main. But people better take pictures the old fashioned way, because when using the main camera too much distorted facial proportions.

Use all three camera only to zoom in and out of objects — not a good idea. Each module can be different to uncover, and they are intended for different purposes. So, at telephoto it is better to remove portraits, swearshirt ideal for shooting architecture, and the usual sensor for everything else.

In terms of video iPhone, like usual, only now added support for shooting in 4K at 60 frames per second on all four cameras (including the front), the ability to record video from all four cameras and switch between them during the shooting of a movie.

Well, the front camera has finally been updated. Now is not the old 8-megapixel sensor with low resolution and wide-angle matrix of 12 megapixels. In principle, there is less total shocks: it can switch between normal and wide viewing angle, and record a time-lapse selfies (Slofie, as they are called at Apple).

At the moment iPhone 11 Pro Max is one of the best cameras on the market. It is able to compete with the Pixel that was previously hard to imagine. But still it is not ideal, because sometimes the software brings out the white balance set (Yes, photos again yellow!), then when shooting at night will make some noisy mess, the pictures with the double approximation will begin to do on the main lens, not the telephoto. And ultra-wide camera is too weak — a night on the hard, live writing with her was not an option. In addition, during the daytime to distinguish Xs from 11 Pro is unrealistic, therefore, the past generation too early to write off.

Typically, each such material ends with discussions about the possibilities of the smartphone, its price, target audience and about whether or not to buy it. In the case of iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, which cost some monies (from 90 to 130 thousand roubles), it is hard to do. It’s a fashion phone, the owners of which do not care about the amount of RAM, number of operations performed per second, the contrast value of the display and other technical details. It is only important that it works for a long time and abruptly shoots under all conditions. However, people are often willing to pay for the phone more than 100 thousand rubles, or big fans of the brand, or just want the most phone for no matter what money.

Apple has another challenge: to keep the old users and get them to upgrade to the new generation to have access to new services that a company like Apple TV+ Apple Arcade. And for them, the company released the iPhone 11 that is able almost the same, but costs 60 thousand. IPhone and Xr, which became the salvation for the company, continue to make and made even cheaper. But go with Xr, Xs and even X and 8 on new too early — it’s too soon for any drastic changes between the old and new phones.

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