Last week Apple released the first iOS 12.1.3 and in her was found the first hints of the innovations that the cupertinos will do in iOS 12.2.

According to TechReview, one of the key features of the next version of iOS will become the new Wallpaper. They are expected to be available on all iPhone and iPad models. However, it is not yet clear whether this is a completely new image or just cupertinos will provide users with old Apple devices can access the Wallpaper from your iPhone iPhone XS and XR.

It is worth noting that one of the key features of iOS 11.2 was also a new Wallpaper. At the same time they become available to the users in the final version of the firmware. In the test Assembly cupertinos they were not added. It is possible that in the case of iOS 12.2 Apple is going exactly the same way.

At the moment it is unknown exactly when cupertinos plans to release iOS 12.2. Most likely, the testing of new firmware will start early next year. More specifically, it will be possible to speak only after Apple released final version iOS 12.1.3.


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