The patent and trademark office published another Apple patent. The document devoted to “electronic devices with flexible display” in which the manufacturer has found a solution to the problems associated with the bending of the screen.

At low temperatures the folding and opening the gadget can cause damage. In order to avoid this outcome, Apple may appeal to the development of the heating process. The use of the corresponding element would be impractical, so the developers have suggested an alternative of using the heat generated by the pixels on the screen.

In addition, the temperature of the device will follow a special built-in sensor that will determine how the device is warm, and is there any danger in flexion of the screen. The remedy in this case can serve as a mechanical or magnetic lock disclosure smartphone. When the temperature will be relatively safe, the system shuts down and the user will be able to access the device.

Earlier talked about another Apple patent related to augmented reality, which can be identified in the zone of visibility is important to the user region.

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