Moscow, 9 APR — “News. Economy” Huawei is willing to sell their 5G modems for smartphones, but is interested in cooperation with a single company — Apple.

For a long time, Huawei has refused to sell to third-party developers own processors and modems. However, sources tell Engadget that the position of the manufacturer may change. It is reported that the company is ready to supply 5000 Balong modem support 5G, but to do it it will be only in the case of a contract with Apple.

Given that the copertina in conflict with Qualcomm, and Intel does not have time to provide the chips with the connection of the fifth generation by 2020, then Tim cook may accept the offer from Chinese vendor. However, such a move would raise questions about the safety because Huawei accused of spying and stealing trade secrets of competitors.

As writes the edition PhoneArena, citing South Korean media, Apple has considered the possibility of purchasing a 5G modems Samsung for the iPhone, but the deal was not done, because at the time of its discussion, the Asian company was not able to provide large shipments of chips.

UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri published a report which says that Apple cannot release the iPhone 5G next year. As the main argument is the lack of choice 5G modems from the company.

Previously, Apple for over ten years purchased the communication modules from Qualcomm. However, in recent years the relationship between them has deteriorated: Apple accused its partner in the oversize fees, and Qualcomm, the company Tim cook — infringement of intellectual property. Apple chose to withdraw from cooperation — starting with the iPhone 7 and the iPhone iPhone XS and XR modules are used Intel.

The expert believes that Intel will not have time to offer 5G-ICS, and Samsung or MediaTek “are unlikely decisions” for Apple. To insert the chip in the iPhone that will be released in the fall of 2020, engineers of the Apple have to get it working samples by the summer of this year. According to Fast Company, Apple has in recent months actively increasing its own development team cellular modems.

In the first generation iPhone, which was released in 2007, was used baseband chips Infineon Technologies. Later Intel bought Infineon a business to produce wireless chipsets, but the Corporation was unable to obtain orders from Apple, as the latter gave preference to Qualcomm. To iPhone 7, Apple used only the modems manufactured by Qualcomm.

In 2016, Intel received about 30% of orders for baseband chips for “Apple” phones. The cost of these solutions was lower than Qualcomm, but the performance was not in favor of Intel products, so it was rumored that Apple will give up cooperation with Intel. However, between Apple and Qualcomm sparked a dispute over royalties for patents. The trial continues to this day.

The portal DigiTimes, citing industry sources wrote that Intel was able in 2017 to produce up to half baseband chips for the iPhone, and in 2018, this share could grow to 70%.

If Intel will not be able to speed up your progress, Apple will be in a difficult position, which she will have to release a few more cycles of LTE smartphones. UBS analyst believes that the company expects to release the first iPhone 5G in 2021, Most analysts agree that the mass introduction of 5G will begin in early 2020, So Apple needs to urgently solve the problem with the suppliers of modems.

Chip Huawei Balong 5000 achieves download speeds of up to 4.6 Gbps, and it supports the mmWave technology, which is used in the majority of operators to build infrastructure 5G. Using Huawei modem could solve the issue with the launch of the iPhone 5G, but such a move could cause problems for Apple.

Last summer, the administration trump launched a campaign aimed at persuading its European allies to boycott the Chinese Huawei in its Telecom networks. Building on the success of similar efforts in Australia and New Zealand, the White house warned the European countries about what equipment Huawei will open a backdoor for Chinese spies. The US even threatened to stop intelligence sharing if Europe is going to ignore their advice.

But if the information informants Engadget confirmed and Apple will choose Huawei as a supplier of modems fall under attack Qualcomm, another potential supplier of 5G chips for the iPhone. This company already have a version of modem that is used in Android smartphones.

Still there remains the political question: a trade war between the US and China not yet complete, and Apple will not risk its relations with the US authorities, even if the Huawei modems will be used only in smartphones for the Chinese market. From this point of view is more likely seen news about the attempts of reconciliation with Qualcomm than agreement with Huawei.

Apple may make concessions and meet the requirements of Qualcomm that relate to royalties for use of patented technology to gain access to the modems of the company. This scenario is reminiscent of the emergency decision, if Intel will not have time to start production of the chip, and Huawei agree to fail.

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