Smart watches and bracelets are rarely equipped with a camera for many reasons. First, wearable devices there is insufficient space for a full module with lens. Also this will lead to their appreciation. Finally, to use the camera on your wrist uncomfortable. However, Apple thinks it can solve these problems and to integrate a camera into a “smart” watch Apple Watch.

According to a new patent discovered by AppleInsider, the company wants to place the “optical sensor” at the end of the strap. Thus, it will not take place in the device and can rotate around the wrist to obtain pictures at the desired angle.

The principle of operation of such a strap is shown in a schematic illustration: the end with the camera can be folded up to make a selfie, or in the opposite direction for subjects in the front. Also in the patent there is mention of the strap with two cameras aimed in opposite directions.

About what the Apple Watch can get the camera in the industry say the first year. The company has applied for a patent described in September 2016, on the eve of the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 2. Since then, Apple has already released two generations of the Apple Watch without a camera. It is difficult to say whether or not “smart” clock is specified accessory in the near future — perhaps he will remain on paper.

It is worth noting that in Russia the presence of the camera in hours can equate to a spy gadget the device and result in criminal liability.

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