In may this year, the former creative Director of Apple Ken Segal said that Steve jobs had thought about the idea of creating Apple credit cards in 2004. However, today it became known that the Apple analog Card could appear even earlier. According to CNBC, the idea of creating branded credit cards appeared in the leadership of Apple in the late 1990-ies.

According to sources, during the testing phase of a new product partner Bank was made by Capital One. Latest specialized mainly in consumer credit products. Therefore, the cupertinos have addressed in this organization.

According to the authors of CNBC, the draft corporate credit card Apple was closed at an earlier stage personally by Steve jobs. The founder of the company didn’t like that some users may simply refuse to open a credit card for bad credit history. In the end the project was abandoned shortly after the start of internal testing.

According to earlier reports, the cupertinos have at least once returned to the idea of releasing their own credit card. However, in the mid 2000-ies the company was unable to negotiate with one of the partners. In the end, the Apple Card was released just now. This is Apple credit card is available only to a limited number of people.


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