But not kochetore not the first in the line of MacBook simply is no Central “all-weather” model. To fit everyone, was a symbol of an entire category of devices.

She was definitely the MacBook Air. That he obaldeno, agreed all.

Now che is not enough. And I think I know what specifically.

As this situation decided upon.

After his return to Apple, jobs cut the range of produced models of Mac and built a clear strategy. The company has made a clear emphasis on the normal and professional users, providing individual solutions in the segment of laptops and desktop computers.

In the late 2000s, customers clearly understood the distinction between a light and compact MacBook Air is powerful, but powerful MacBook Pro.

In the niche of desktop solutions for the basic tasks of choosing the iMac, but for heavy professional — Mac Pro.

There was another model Mac mini, serving the budget decision, the admission ticket into the world of Apple computers.

To pick up a laptop or desktop Mac was easy enough, based on the objectives and usage scenarios.

What has changed under Tim Cook

Now with the company laptops all good, but there are a few oddities.

We are asked to choose between these devices:

MacBook Air with a completely outdated screen and slightly updated hardware;

compact MacBook with a weak performance, but at the price of MacBook Pro 13″;

MacBook Pro 13″with a very good processor but weak graphics and a high price;

MacBook Pro 15″ with a decent iron for all tasks, but the space price

In each model there is a compromise: obsolete-screen, high price or poor performance.

The perfect MacBook, which I would like to buy without any “but”, now unavailable. And so it is time to release.

What MacBook would be a bestseller

Many not the first year I want to see a simple but handy Mac without the extras (Touch Bar, Hello). What was once a white polycarbonate MacBook. Remember this?

They may be a new 14-inch MacBook.

It should be a simple computer for most simple problems, but with a full processor, not Core cut-m. He will do the filling from the base model MacBook Pro 13″.

A pair of ports Type-C, in any case not alone. And slim body with minimal frames around the display.

Yes it will Air, but modern. Meeting the standards in 2018 and not trying to be all “wow” in some settings — as does the 12-inch MacBook with all known consequences.

Important? The presence of a Retina display with a diagonal of 14-15 inches. This is the main point, which is lacking the old Air.

On this screen, and code to write, it will be convenient, and to type the text, and the browser to sit, and several instant messengers open.

How to fit this MacBook in to an existing line

First have to completely abandon the existing MacBook Air. Cult laptop has served its purpose, it’s time for him to retire.

Likewise, forget about the MacBook Pro without panel Touch Bar. It is obvious that Apple is not going to abandon her in the line Pro. Then the “truncated” versions do not belong in this category.

No wonder the company has not updated the “Proshka” without Touch Bar this summer. Something chemical with it — or prepare for its withdrawal from the market.

After these changes in the line of laptops Apple released the perfect place to discuss MacBook to 14 inches.

It is omnivorous, the modern successor of the ideas Air: relatively inexpensive, effective and portable computer, which is necessary for most users.

For many, it would have become as fixed to the working machine, and a computer for travel without much compromise.

Tim, we’re waiting. Even if not the day after, at least this year. What can I say, I want this.

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