Apple could reveal a new MacBook Air for 30 Oktyabrya for many months, analysts and ordinary users talking about the plans of Apple to release updated MacBook Air or an alternative model.

Form factor new laptop should be more like an ultrabook a MacBook with a display 12”.

It seems that the expectations can be justified. This is indicated sent Apple a letter. Estimated date of announcement of the new MacBook — October 30, that is, in the day of the presentation.

The letter was received by one of the buyers who placed a bid on a MacBook Air, iPad Pro and stylus Apple Pencil.

Two recent Apple device was sent almost immediately, but delivery of the MacBook Air went wrong. Apple warned the buyer that will receive the laptop only on 30 October.

It is interesting that the purchase had been made on the school. Despite the delay, the price tag remains the same, and had the feeling that Apple may send an updated computer for the same price. By the way, the customer was planning to buy a top MacBook Air with 256 GB of memory.

The letter stated that the delivery times are subject to change. So Apple could prepare the replacement of obsolete models.

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