The patent and trademark office published a patent Apple, which describes the method of operation of a special device to provide the computer in real time information about the eye movements of multiple users. This will allow the software to detect the position of objects on the screen, which in the future can be applied to a control system for characters in games with just one look.

This will be especially useful for games that have a multiplayer mode. We are not talking about online modes, and offline: when users sit at the same computer and use different sets of keys. Apple’s new technology will allow them to get rid of the controllers to control the characters look.

Tracking eye movements can be used not only in games, but, for example, when watching TV. Again, using the sight the user will be able to change the settings for playback: switch the channel or turn down the volume.

Since this is only a patent, it is unclear whether Apple to use technology to create real products.

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