The gadget will help you sleep better.

Apple is actively working on a device which can analyze and improve human sleep. On the idea of Apple gadget will be on the body of the user and monitor various performance indicators during sleep. Analysis of the data collected will allow the device to tell the user how to improve your sleep. The gadget will be able to tell what people need to change the bed.

Apple is developing a set of sensors that can monitor the duration and quality of sleep of a person. The aim of Apple engineers is creating a gadget that can tell the user what time he better sleep, what position to choose to sleep, etc. In the list of probable capabilities of the new device Apple describes even advice on changing the beds more comfortable.

Apple describes the device as a new device, but it is possible that the sensors sleep tracker will appear in the Apple Watch the next generation. In this case, it is necessary not to rent the Apple Watch before going to bed.


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