We are waiting for universal apps.

Apple is working on a platform that will allow developers to create new types of applications. According to reliable sources, Bloomberg, the company will present a platform for creating universal apps for the iPhone, iPad and Mac in 2021.

The project of a new type of applications developed under the code name Marzipan. His ultimate goal is to provide developers the possibility of creating one universal app that will work equally well on iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. In Apple believe that this should encourage developers to create new useful applications for users.

According to sources of Bloomberg, the first universal apps will be available in 2019. It is reported that at the conference WWDC 2019 along with iOS 13 will be presented ready-made solution that allows developers to port apps from iPad to Mac. In 2020, the same set of tools will appear to port apps from iPhone to Mac. In 2021, the platform will add the ability to reverse porting, and Mac apps appear on iPhone and iPad.

Universal apps should have a positive impact on both the developers and the users. Developers don’t have to write code for each individual application, which will significantly reduce the time spent on development. Users also will have access to more useful apps on all devices.

Source: Bloomberg.


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