Apple is preparing a “Netflix for games”.

Apple plans to launch a new branded service with a subscription to the game, reports the edition with reference to Cheddar from five sources in the company. The service will be the equivalent of Netflix for games, allowing the subscribers for a fixed monthly fee to open access to lots of games. It is expected that the service will be available to iPhone and iPad users, as well as, perhaps, the owners of Mac computers in 2019.

Sources claim that Apple has held talks with leading game developers about the new service subscription. The company want to create a “Netflix for games” and to offer its customers to access all of the games from the App Store (and probably the Mac App Store) for a monthly fee. The fee for the subscription is currently unknown.

The announcement of a new service can be held at the March presentation of the company. Earlier it became known that the presentation in March Apple is expected to introduce new iPod touch 7G with extensive gaming capabilities. It is not excluded that the launch of the new service will coincide with the release of the updated iPod touch.

Source: Cheddar.


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