They recognize the ears!

2 AirPods can get the support of technology that will automatically determine whether the user wearing the headphones and when you need to reverse the sound. Due to new Apple users with new headphone will have to ensure that the left earphone was inserted in the left ear and right in right.

In a new Apple patent describes the function of reversing the audio in cases when the users wear headphones backwards. The sensors will track the location of headphones and, if necessary, reverse the sound.

To implement this technology, Apple will need to equip AirPods or your first full-size headphone, which should be out in 2019, with motion sensors. The sensors will detect the position of the headphone relative to the body of the person and to ensure that the sound was transmitted in the right stereo format.

Fully updated AirPods 2 is due out in 2020. Apple also improved AirPods prepares first generation, which, according to the latest data, will be released in the spring of 2019.

Source: PA.


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