The company decided to do all the work.

Apple focused on creating their own modems for the iPhone, said reliable sources Reuters in the company. For this, Apple has integrated a team of developers chip in the key unit hardware technologies.

In addition, according to sources, senior Vice President of Apple’s hardware technologies johnny Srouji directly engaged in the development of modems for the iPhone and other devices from January 2019. All this clearly indicates the intention of Apple to begin to create their own modems and to abandon solutions Qualcomm and Intel.

Apple really have a need to create their own modems. The company went on to collaborate with Qualcomm because of a legal scandal, but Intel is not satisfied with the Apple completely.

When Apple will release its first device bearing its corporate modem is currently unknown. Experts believe that Apple will make sure the modem is special, with features not found in models Qualcomm and Intel. It is assumed that the first iPhone with a proprietary 5G modem from Apple will be a sample model 2020.

Source: Reuters.


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