The Apple Watch will be able to do a selfie no worse than the iPhone.

In the near future smart watches, Apple Watch can get a camera. And not one, but two — it hinted at the latest development of the engineers of Apple. According to the project developers, the Apple Watch with dual camera will allow users hours to shoot a full high-quality self without the aid of a smartphone.

In a new Apple patent describes the ability to shoot full selfies with Apple Watch, which is equipped with two cameras. Apple developers have come up with a way to do a selfie with a smart watch so that the face of the person in the picture is not distorted.

In particular, the photographs created with the Apple Watch, the human face will not look down on one of the cameras of the device. Teamwork wide-angle and telephoto will bring pictures to the same level of quality with a selfie on a smartphone.

Also, Apple’s patent describes the ability to perform video calls using the Apple Watch and the face detection of the user for smart watches. All of these features will indeed be available on Apple Watch, if Apple decides to equip its smartwatch with a camera.

At the moment none of the Apple Watch has no camera. Note that in smartwatches from other manufacturers camera already appeared, but according to consumer surveys, they are not one of the key reasons that influenced the purchase.

Source: USPTO.


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