Even before the official announcement of the iPhone Xr some analysts were confident that this model will be in high demand than the latest Apple flagships. Experts explained this by the relatively affordable price and wide functionality of the product. However, judging by recent reports, the demand for iPhone Xr was slightly lower than planned by Apple.

Japanese business publication Nikkei, citing its own sources reports that cupertinos turned to Foxconn to remove the reserve from about 15 Assembly lines, which was to meet iPhone Xr. Initially, the Taiwanese assembler has allocated 60 lines for Assembly of a new Apple device. However, according to the sources, Foxconn only used 45 of the 60 reserved lines.

A similar situation is observed in the other partner of Apple company Pegatron. Sources said that the leadership of the Taiwan collector has adjusted plans to expand production and is currently in negotiations with Apple.

Some experts claim that today’s users prefer the old iPhone models that cost somewhat cheaper version of the iPhone base Xr. This is supported by the increased production of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.


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