Apple made a truce with the American manufacturer of processors for smartphones Qualcomm, which sued last two years due to patent disputes, and agreed to pay compensation. The agreement Qualcomm has announced on its website.

The amount of compensation that will pay to Apple, were not disclosed. In addition, the company signed a six-year license agreement under which Apple agrees to pay royalties for technology created by Qualcomm chips (if desired, it can be extended for two years). Also, Qualcomm will become a long-standing supplier of hardware for Apple.

The message is called Qualcomm the Apple company has revolutionized the market in 1984 with its Macintosh personal computer and changing the world for the better.

According to the calculations of Qualcomm, the agreement will increase the earnings per share is one of the main indicators of financial activity of the company — about two dollars. The company hopes that it will attract new investors. After the announcement of the agreement, Qualcomm shares rose in price by 23 percent to 70,45 dollars apiece, according to the auction on the NASDAQ.

Apple and Qualcomm sued for the patents for chips used in the production of smartphones Apple. In mid-March, a U.S. court ordered Apple to pay $ 31.6 million in compensation. Will you take into account the amount of agreement between the two companies is unknown.

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