After the recent report of the Centre for control and prevention of diseases (CDC) Apple decided to make some changes to the rules of its app store and began to remove from the App Store programs that are somehow connected with mapinga.

According to the latest report by the CDC, electronic cigarettes have become the cause of serious diseases, which in some cases led to death. Against this background, Apple company has decided to start to remove from the American App Store somehow associated with wabinga and electronic cigarettes. At the moment it is unknown whether there is a similar initiative outside the American section of the store.

It is worth noting that the App Store has never been application, through which users could purchase replacement cartridges and accessories for a variety of Weipa. But in Apple store, you can find utilities that help you control the temperature and other parameters programmable WAP devices. Also in the App Store was some kind of a number of news apps and games on waipiro.

As a result, now cupertinos plan to remove from your store about 180 different programs and games. Apple has also announced changes in the rules of the App Store, which now prohibit the publication of programmes vapor and electronic cigarettes.


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