Apple suddenly turn off the app Radio in the Apple Watch. According to reports, this was done because of a critical vulnerability, which allows you to listen to someone else’s iPhone without the owner’s knowledge.

Apple representatives said that a critical vulnerability in the app Walkie-Talkie on the Apple Watch were recently found. The company are aware of the danger of bug. So they decided to temporarily disable the function. Cupertinos promise to restore the health of the application in the shortest possible time.

The company noted that they are not aware of any successful case using vulnerabilities in the application Walkie-Talkie. Most likely, this is due to the fact that interception of the iPhone owner need to create specific conditions and perform a sequence of actions.

At the moment, the Walkie Talkie app is available on all Apple Watch, running watch OS 5. However, the use of the utility owners of the Apple watch yet. We can assume that the cupertinos will release a special update that addresses a critical vulnerability in the coming days. Perhaps a patch will be released today.


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