Despite the fact that Apple usually tries to timely eliminate all sorts of failures which occur in the work of proprietary technology, sometimes engineers can be difficult to understand their true nature. In such cases, in Cupertino prefer to go to the owners of affected devices to provide all possible assistance in the study of the causes of the problems as was the case with the iPhone XS and XS Max.

As reported by French site Consomac, citing a Twitter user by the name of Devin Meredith (Meredith Devin), Apple appealed to some owners of iPhone XS and XS is Max and he is including a request for permission to monitor their network activity.

Possible to remote install software on iPhone

Thus in Cupertino hope to find out why low-speed LTE connection, which complain about dozens of consumers who bought a new iPhone. All that is required, reports Meredith the words of the representatives of the company, — to install on smartphones specialized software to collect and analyze information.

Low LTE speed on the iPhone XS

About the inability of some iPhone XS and XS Max to ensure the stable operation in LTE networks became known in the first days of sales. The majority of complaints came from the subscribers of the U.S. operator Verizon Wireless, allowing you to assume that the problem lies in the incompatibility of the firmware of the modems smartphones with the software provider. On the other hand, this version has not been confirmed, leaving the question open.

We should not exclude also the probability that the fault is hardware and has nothing to do with work. This indicates a discrepancy in the testimony of users, and a number of independent experiments that showed an increase in speed LTE connection, provide test iPhone XS and XS Max. According to the results of the experiments revealed that the new smartphone is able to develop twice the speed when working in networks of the fourth generation than the iPhone X.

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