Recently Apple’s Vice President of marketing Greg Joswiak shared some plans regarding the Apple company of the Face ID scanners and Touch ID. According to a top Manager cupertinos plan to continue to implement a face scanner in other devices, but on Touch ID, they don’t want to give up.

In an interview with UK’s Daily Express, Greg Joswiak said that Touch ID was the first and basic biometric security system, which appeared in Apple devices. And most importantly, that she liked buyers. In addition, it had an impact on the entire market and changed the way people defended the data stored in the device memory.

According to Joswiak, Touch ID is still a great technology and the company does not plan to abandon it anytime soon. However, the top Manager noted that Apple also wants to continue to equip their device with Face ID scanners.

It should be noted that the statements Joswiak good complement to the recent rumors about Apple’s plans to again start to equip its smartphones with Touch ID scanners. While sources say that the fingerprint scanner should be hidden in the screen of the iPhone.


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