How Long, Apple?!

Apple is constantly and actively working on mobile operating system iOS, releasing regular updates. However, despite the efforts of developers, many iPhone users unhappy that Apple is not paying attention to the simple shortcomings of iOS. Today iPhone owners are again reminded the company about one of the most unpleasant moments in the operating system interface, which is not allowed for many years.

We are talking about the pop-up window when you adjust the sound on your iPhone. It appears right in the middle of the screen for a few seconds closing part of the interface. Window really prevent control smartphone what iPhone users reported the company hundreds, if not thousands of times in various discussions. Including on the official forum of Apple.

But Apple stubbornly ignores the request. Even in iOS 12, including the fourth beta version of the firmware, the situation is not corrected. Window, as always, appears at the center of the interface and continues to annoy users. But most worryingly, it essentially deprives them of the ability to fully manage a device.

So elegantly solves a problem by using a jailbreak tweak

In a fresh discussion of the lack of iOS users ironically suggested that Apple’s developers just forgot which place in the code for the firmware is responsible for the interface of sound control. And some iPhone owners who have installed on their devices jailbroken (how to make), were quick to boast of the work tweaks, eliminating the window with sound.

Whether Apple will listen to users this time? Find out in September when will the final version of iOS 12.

Source:, Reddit.


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