According to market research company Strategy Analytics, in 2018, Apple has strengthened its position in the smartwatch market. Experts say that by the end of last year, Apple’s smartwatch has occupied half of the market. This situation has allowed Apple to set the absolute record for sales of the Apple Watch.

Analysts say that during the year kupertinovtsy able to realize about 22.5 million smart watches. In comparison with the results in 2017 Apple Watch sales rose by 4.8 million units.

It is noteworthy that only in 2018, manufacturers have implemented about 45 million smart watches. Thus exactly half of the supplies came on the Apple Watch. The results of the competitors of Apple is much lower. For example, going on the second place on volumes of supplies of the Fitbit, for the year sold 5.5 million smart watches, and Samsung 5.3 million.

However, despite the growth of sales of Apple Watch, Apple has lost market share. If at the end of 2017, Apple controlled more than 60% of the market, in 2018 this figure dropped to 50%. Experts attribute this to the activation of competitors. For example, last year the share of the Fitbit grew from 1.7 to 12.2%.

Analysts at Strategy Analytics believe that in the next few years Apple will hold the title of market leader in mobile devices and thus increase sales volumes.


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