Recently the analyst firm Gartner issued a new report that demonstrates the situation in the global smartphone market in the first quarter of this year. According to experts, Apple lost its position. Compared to last year sales of Apple smartphones dropped by 10 million units.

Analysts Gartner say that in the first quarter of this year, global smartphone shipments fell slightly. In comparison with the same period in 2018, they slipped by 2.7% and by 8.65% in comparison with the end of last year.

As for the “results” of the companies, then the market leader is still Samsung. In the first quarter the Korean giant managed to sell 71,62 million of its vehicles. In comparison with the similar period of last year, Samsung lost a little more than 1% of the market, total sales declined by almost 7 million.

In second place is suffering Huawei. Despite the difficulties in the USA, the company was able to implement 58.4 million smartphones and increased its share from 10.5% to 15.7%. Smartphone sales in comparison with the first quarter of 2018 grew by 18 million.

Apple dropped to third place ranking. During the year giant Apple has lost about 4% market share and total iPhone sales fell by almost 10 million units — up from 54.1 44,57 million.


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