According to the statistics service SensorTower, Apple got through the online App store is almost two times more than Google from the Google Play Store.

The income from the App Store in the third quarter of 2018, totaled $ 12 billion is 23.3% higher compared to the result of year ago and 94% more than $ 6.2 billion received Google Play Store. For Google, the revenue from the app store has grown by 21.5% in comparison with last year.

The total income from the App Store and Google Play reached 18.2 billion dollars, by 22.75% more third quarter results in 2017. The number of downloads of apps for iOS and Android has grown by 10.95%, reaching 27.1 billion, the Number of installations from Google Play amounted to 19.5 billion, while the App Store 7.6 billion According to experts SensorTower, such growth Google Play has turned out thanks to the growing sales of budget smartphones based on Android.

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