In early July, 2018 a former Apple employee Xiaolan town, Zhang was arrested on charges of stealing information about the project the electric vehicle company. But he denies his guilt, according to iDownLoadBlog.

Man detained July 7, 2018, when he tried to fly to his home in China. The reason for the detention was the suspicion of the security services Apple that Zhang could secretly copy the important data related to project Titan, over which the Corporation working for several years.

Like all Apple employees, dismissal, Xiaolan town passed a work smartphone and laptop. However, the security noticed suspicious activity. Later, Zhang admitted that he transferred some information to the wife’s laptop using cloud services.

In addition, the former chief of Sailana it became known that he had already found a job in a Chinese startup XMotors engaged in the production of electric vehicles.

Apple requires to recover from the former colleagues of a $ 250,000 fine. Federally, in which the accused, provides punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to ten years.

Nearly a week after the arrest in a California state court held its first hearing on the case. Xiaolan town denies any wrongdoing and said that it did not copy any information under a confidentiality agreement. To protect its interests, Zhang refused the services of the public defender and hired his own lawyer.

The trial could take several months. If the suspect’s guilt is proved, he faces severe punishment.


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