The specialists of the service Glassdoor made a new rating of the best managers. Only included 100 people. Almost a third of them are heads of companies, or otherwise associated with the IT sector.

The new leader of the rating became the CEO of VMware Pat Gelsinger. His rating is 99%. Followed by the head of the supermarket chain HEB Charles butt, CEO of In-N-Out Burger Lindsay Snyder, CEO of T-Mobile John Leger and Director of Adobe Shantanu Narayen.

It is noteworthy that the CEOs of such large corporations as Google, Facebook and Apple were far outside the top ten. So, Sundar Pichai from Google was on the 46-th row, mark Zuckerberg – 55, and Tim cook – 69-m a place. It is worth noting that in comparison with last year’s Glassdoor list of the rating of the head of Apple has grown significantly. This allowed Tim cook to rise to 27 rows up.

Glassdoor is based on anonymous surveys of employees of large companies. Asking respondents to rate their leader on a number of parameters.


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