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The scandal with curved housings very expensive and latest tablets, the iPad Pro 2018 does not subside. Today one of the users of iPad Pro 2018 said that when it came to exchanging the curved tablet, purchased just a few days ago, the Apple store employees refused him. According to employees of Apple, the tablet is not bent and has no signs of marriage. Discouraged the user has recorded the video, which showed what “not curved” tablet he got.

About a week ago, they purchased the first iPad Pro 2018 Wi-Fi+Cellular with 256 GB of memory for $1099 (89 990 rubles in Russia). Within a couple days of use he noticed that the body of the tablet is curved. The user returned the iPad to the store and after a few days with no problems got a new one.

However, the new tablet was even more curved that the unfortunate owner noticed again in a couple of days of using the device. But the second tablet in the Apple store refused to change. Apple employees said that the body of the tablet is not bent and is in perfect condition.

The owner bent iPad Pro recorded a video where the tablet lies on a flat surface. The movie is really noticeable that the body of the tablet is curved. This further confirms the light from the device screen, which is visible through the formed from the bent slot.

So, if you are going to buy iPad Pro 2018 in the near future, be sure to assess his condition right in the store. It is possible that the tablet casing can be slightly, but still bent.

Source: Vimeo.


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