Today, the network appeared information about the fact that the engineers from Apple visited the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 and it has paid greater attention to the stands of different companies and startups who are creating products related to augmented reality.

According to sources, in the framework of the exhibition cupertinos visited several booths and long enough communicated with representatives of companies and developers. Among those who looked to Apple engineers, there are startups like DigiLens, Lumus, Vuzix, and WaveOptics.

It is no secret that the cupertinos very interesting AR and VR technology. And this was officially declared a top-managers of Apple, including Tim cook. However, the head of Apple, the company is confident that augmented reality is more promising than VR.

It is worth noting that the network is already not the first year there were rumors about plans of Apple to create their own AR gadget. According to unconfirmed reports, the cupertinos have a few prototypes. The announcement would be unlikely before 2020.


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