In the framework of last week’s WWDC 2019 Apple has revealed the completely redesigned Mac Pro. The computer is radically different from the previous generation and even the basic model has enough performance. About how it was created, the new Mac Pro, recently told Apple Executive Doug Brax.

In an interview with Mac Power Brax said that work on the new Apple computer started long ago. Especially for the development of professional solutions cupertinos created a separate team called Pro Workflows. Its members are responsible for the creation and development of specialized products targeted at a professional audience. And it has long is not just on Mac Pro, MacBook Pro or iPad Pro.

As for the Mac Pro 2019, then the specialists were tasked to create the most powerful workstation that can solve complex problems of the future. A striking example is working with 8K video. At this stage, this format is not very popular. However, Apple believe that in the near future he will become a professional standard.

A lot of attention in the interview was given to the unusual design of the Mac Pro. Brax said that the Mac Pro is a unique product in several respects. This applies to the appearance of the computer. When you create a Mac Pro designers and engineers worked together. Due to this managed to build an innovative system.

Last but not least the design of the computer is associated with the desire of Apple to create the most quiet professional computer. According to kupertinovtsy, the noise of the cooling system of the Mac Pro is only 10 decibels is less than the iMac Pro and Mac Pro of the previous generation. The cooling system works very effectively — the air moves around the body and provides an effective heat sink.


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