Apple, according to analysts at Barclays, decided to abandon their stable price policy and began to sell the iPhone at a lower price. The reason is the intention of the manufacturer to expand the user base, writes

At the end of last week, Barclays analyst Tim long (Tim Long) noted that the average selling price of the iPhone has decreased compared to previous years.

At the same time, Apple in the third quarter of 2019, said a good sales and profits. It is clarified that the company’s share price rose by 1% and earnings per share is $3,03. Revenue of $64 billion meanwhile, analysts have made more cautious forecast: earnings per share — $2,48, and revenue — $62,99 billion

It is noted that figures, Apple has grown because of the high demand for iPad and AirPods and also business growth of Apple in the sphere of services.

Concerning the results of iPhone sales, the revenue of the company amounted to $of 33.36 billion Is slightly above the forecast of $32,42 billion

According to analysts, the average price of iPhone will decrease by 10% in the fourth quarter of 2019. In General, the results of the current year it is expected that the average sale price will decrease by 12%, also in 2020, the projected decline of the average price of the iPhone by another 6.5%.

The company expects that lower prices will attract more buyers.

Earlier it was reported that the IPhone 12 will be a revolutionary update of Apple’s design. Conceptual image of iPhone 12 still relying on preliminary information about the device. However, it is now clear that this is indeed a radical change of design.

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