Apple explained why the Crimea was recognized as Russian in the iPhone and makbukah. Explanations Reuters with reference to the press Secretary of Apple Trudy Muller.

“We are studying international law and relevant domestic laws of the United States and other countries, before you decide on the geographical marking on our maps. We make changes, if required by law. Pay in-depth attention to how to designate the disputed border in our services, and make changes in the future if necessary,” Mueller said.

According to her, the Crimea became Russian to be designated in connection with the new legislation adopted in Russia.

Reuters journalists in Moscow already checked, as a new approach of Apple works in practice. They introduced the name “Simferopol” in Apple Maps, and Weather. Everywhere the city was listed as “Simferopol, Crimea, Russia.”

The company did not fully fulfilled the law, as in the Crimea, the users see geographical names of the Peninsula without indication of belonging to Russia. The same approach applied to users of Kiev.

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, a state Duma Deputy Vasily Piskarev has declared that the American Corporation Apple has corrected the data of the territorial jurisdiction of the Crimea in all its services.

The Crimea, cut off from the RSFSR Communist authorities in the middle of the last century, again became a Russian region after the referendum in 2014.

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