Apple explained why we should buy the new iPad Rhona official YouTube channel, Apple has a new video “5 Reasons iPad.” It marketers of the brand are the main arguments by which you need to choose the tablet as the next computer.

Tezisno the main advantages of the new iPad Pro look like this:

1. It’s more powerful than most computers.

2. It is universal. the iPad Pro is able to perform the role of a scanner, a notebook, camera, sequencer, books and the computer.

3. He connected at any point of the planet. All thanks to LTE.

4. It supports gesture control.

5. It gets even better if you have a new Apple Pencil.

Apple sees its tablet as a complete alternative to the computer. Although the user reviews of the novelty has repeatedly confirmed: fully replacing laptop iPad Pro 2018 is unable to provide. Blame the limited functionality of a mobile iOS 12.

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