In the past Apple has made quite a big bet on its service called Apple News+ gathering to gather in one place all the best Newspapers and magazines. However, as noted by CNBC, citing informed sources, the audience of service is still low.

It is reported that in the first days after the launch of Apple News+ paid subscription has issued about 200 000 people. Further, despite efforts by Apple to increase the audience of service failed.

According to reports, many publishers disappointed in Apple News+. Initially they believed that it will attract new readers. However, this did not happen. Besides Apple takes half of the revenue from each subscriber, and the remaining 50% is distributed among the publishers, depending on how much time subscribers spend on reading your content.

Sources CNBC does not report how much does a particular publisher. However, there is information that the average monthly income of the Apple News+ is in the range from 20 000 to 30 000 dollars, which is much lower than expected.


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