Fans of Apple boiling.

On the official Apple forum and popular online Reddit there are more negative comments towards Apple and its pricing policy. Reviews with criticism so much that leading publications, including Business Insider and Forbes, noticed the discontent of the Apple customer. According to experts, the current wave of criticism is not normal and Apple can begin the churn.

Over the past few days on popular forums there are thousands of negative reviews towards Apple. The company’s customers have expressed their dissatisfaction not only with the price increase on all devices, but many other Apple moves aimed at “extracting money from customers”.

In particular, users complain of the need to buy a place in iCloud, buy the adaptors for most devices for their money, and in the case of the iPhone and more powerful charger, which can support fast charging.

At the same time, unhappy users have noted that over the past two years Apple has resorted to such moves more often. For example, the new iPhone is not just equipped with conventional chargers are 5 watt, but are supplied without adapter with 3.5 mm connector to Lightning. As a result, users who want to listen to music on your iPhone using your usual headphones, you have to buy the adapter for their own money.

But, of course, most critics are related to prices. Members drew attention to the fact that all new Apple devices sample 2018 become more expensive compared to previous models. Stronger just went up a Mac mini, for which Apple asks for $300 more than the previous model four years ago.

It is noteworthy that the barrage of criticism noticed by leading publications, which are devoted to the negativity of a separate article. Would react if Apple somehow in this mass dissatisfaction? Following the presentation of the company needs to go in the spring or summer of 2019, then the answer to this question will become known.


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