Not a criticism, but genuine surprise.

On January 30 it became known that the company Samsung has launched a module manufacturing flash memory with a capacity of 1 TB. These can appear in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max, Apple 2017 uses in its smartphones exclusively memory from Samsung. Apple fans called real madness of the possibility of such a huge amount of memory in the smartphone.

Fans of Apple technology discussed the news about the possible appearance of the iPhone iPhone 11 and 11 record the Max amount of memory on the different thematic resources. In every discussion of the users have joined one opinion — 1 TB of memory in the smartphone is insane.

Russian iPhone users in our group in Vkontakte, and Apple fans from other countries, including the US, believe that 1 TB of memory in the iPhone is blatant overkill. It is noteworthy that even comments from users from various parts of the globe are identical. Here are the most popular:

“Oh, cool, 1 TB of memory. For the iPhone, Apple will ask for $2000”.

“First, why so much memory? Second, the price of this iPhone will break all records. And because there are those who will buy!”.

“Apple will call a new iPhone with 1TB of storage iPhone Super Pro. But complete and will not be normal charger”.

“Terabytes. On the smartphone. The game!”.

Interestingly, in one of the discussions users Apple intervened the Samsung fans. They did not laugh at 1 TB of memory in the smartphone, and boasted that the Samsung Galaxy S10 with the same amount of memory will be released six months early iPhone 11.

Source: the VC, MR.


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