Many people want iPhone SE 2.

Every year smartphones are becoming more. And Apple, while Steve jobs was the chief opponent of large-sized smartphones, follows the General trend. The most “compact” of the new smartphone Apple sample of 2018 has a 5.8-inch (!) display. Imagine like a few years ago was difficult. And Apple fans are displeased.

Apple fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the iPhone is getting more and more, and compact models are not available. In particular, Apple fans are upset that iPhone SE ceased officially to be sold, without receiving any updates.

“I don’t like large smartphones, they are commonplace uncomfortable for me. So I remain on the iPhone SE and don’t even look in the direction of any of the new Apple smartphones. They are all huge! I wish Apple released the iPhone SE 2 with a smaller display,” wrote one frustrated user.

In the discussion participated hundreds of users, most of whom believe that Apple needs to release a new compact iPhone. Many users admit that they would buy this smartphone immediately. However, unfortunately, at the moment, there aren’t any signs that would suggest Apple plans to release iPhone 2 SE.

However, the presentation October 30, direct a text stream which will be on this page, you can still expect a surprise from Apple.

Source: Reddit.


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