Apple filed a lawsuit against the company Corellium
Apple accuses the company Corellium LLC of illegally selling virtual copies of its operating system iOS under the pretext of creating tools to search for vulnerabilities.

In the lawsuit, Apple accused Corellium copying its operating system, GUI and other elements of iOS without the permission of the company.

Corellium allows you to interact with a virtual iOS device such as iPhone or iPad, via a web portal that allows researchers to find security holes. The representative Corellium States that the purpose of the company is allowing the “white hackers” to look for vulnerabilities in the system Apple.

In a statement, Apple said: “Corellium positions itself as a tool for vulnerability researchers iOS, but the only aim is to earn a flagrant violation of copyright. Corellium not only helps to eliminate vulnerabilities, but also encourages its users to sell information about those who offer the highest price.”

Apple calls to ban Corellium to distribute copies of iOS, to oblige her to compensate for the damage and notify your users that using such products they are breaking the law.

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