Apple financial will help in the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris
Apple, one of the richest companies in the world, promised to provide financial support for the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris, severely injured in a fire on April 15.

CEO Tim cook announced on Twitter on Tuesday.

We condole with the citizens of France and all the rest, for whom Notre Dame was a symbol of hope. Glad no one was hurt. Apple will donate funds for the restoration of the precious heritage of Notre Dame for future generations.
Tim Cook
The President of France Emmanuel macron has called the fire “a terrible tragedy”, but promised the French that they “will restore this Cathedral together.” The extent of the damage is still being assessed. The spire of the Cathedral of the 19th century collapsed, and its roof and other areas was severely damaged. The cause of the fire is unclear.

It is unclear how Apple plans to donate to help in the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral.

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