Apple has authorized us retailers Simply Mac to change the screen of iPhone. To do this, the company will provide a Simply Mac specialized equipment, reports 9to5Mac.

Simply Mac is one of the largest Resellers in the United States. To repair broken screens, the Simply Mac staff used informal displays. In addition, the repair was carried out without the use of special machines that combine Touch ID or Face ID with the new screen. It’s not like Apple, because of the increased risk of hardware issues, so the two companies struck a deal.

Apple will offer a 30 Simply Mac stores the necessary equipment and spare parts. Instead of Simply Mac is committed to fixing smartphones by Apple rules.

Such agreement with Apple may not enter each service center. At Simply Mac had some powerful arguments. First, Simply Mac is in second place for number of refurbished iPhone (in the first place — Apple). Second, there is a Simply Mac service points in areas where there is no Apple Store. For Apple is the ability to provide warranty repairs in those areas where it has no representation.


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