Apple has released a new version of macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra correcting the main problem MacBook Pro 2018.


The company recommends that customers apply the update to all owners of new computers, as it will help to return the laptops to the declared performance.

Earlier, one of the bloggers complained that his MacBook Pro 2018 with the i9 CPU is overheating too much, because of this, the speed of the device declines too much. In the end, the current model operates slower than the other computers due to problems in the distribution of heat. After placing in the fridge the computer back in normal mode and showed excellent performance.

Apple said that the problem was related to a bug in the software that caused excessive slowing laptops. Like the MacBook Pro 2018 will behave after the installation of the patch is unknown, but bloggers certainly in the near future will test it and find out whether fixed update situation or not.


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