The reporters found that Apple asked the creators of the series for its platform of Apple TV+ does not portray China in a bad light. This news is especially interesting given the recent decision kupertinovtsy to remove from the App Store the app is helping protesters in Hong Kong.

It is reported BuzzFeed News. It turned out that Apple has begun briefing the showrunners thus in the last year. No specific recommendations are not given, only vague “to avoid the image of China in a bad light.”

Journalists suggest that Apple is simply afraid of the ban of its content in China, as it was with the iBooks Store, and iTunes Movies in 2016.

One of the showrunners told reporters that Apple’s request is not unusual for Hollywood. “They all do it”, — said the source. According to him, content creators have to put up with some restrictions if they want to have access to the Chinese market.

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