Apple warned the owners of iPhone 5 about the imminent limitation of the functionality of a smartphone. Users with outdated iOS, you must upgrade to version 10.3.4 to 3 November to avoid unpleasant consequences.

In case of failure, users will not be able to view the web page and the App Store, send e-mail to access iCloud or use other functions related to the proper display of time and date. The developers of bind need to be updated with the counters reset GPS.

the iPhone 5 went on sale in 2012. The design of the handset has undergone significant changes compared with the predecessor, including having a 4-inch display.

In mid-October wrote that the Apple has shared the statistics of the mobile operating system iOS 13. As of October 15, she is set to 50% of all smartphones. 41% of devices are using iOS 12, and 9% earlier.

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