The anniversary iPhone X may refuse to display.

Apple reported that in a small number of iPhone X can be installed a defective display. Due to the shortcomings of the iPhone screen X may fully or partially not respond to touch. Apple invited all faced with the problem owners of iPhone X free replacement of the display.

Apple announced the launch of a free replacement iPhone displays X on its official website. The company said that the problem may occur due to failure of the component in the display module. As a result, the display is partially and randomly stops responding to touch.

Apple did not specify how many iPhone X can be susceptible to the problem. In the company say only that the defect appears on “some” screen of iPhone X.

Under the new replacement program, every user who encountered the problem, will get the opportunity to replace the display module. For this, you should contact any authorised service centre of Apple. How to find the nearest official service center Apple in your city we wrote extensively in this article.

Apple also said that if the iPhone owner X previously changed the display due to such a defect, the company will return the full cost of repairs.

Source: Apple.


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