The Samsung has less and less chance of big Apple to capitalize on.

The Chinese company BOE Technology Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD displays in the country, has expressed the desire to become one of the suppliers of OLED displays for Apple.

China is slightly behind Korea and Japan in the production of modern displays. Therefore, the government decided to contribute to BOE Technology Group in the creation of factories for the production of OLED-screens. Thus China hopes to get on the same level with its competitor countries.

BOE is already supplying Apple displays for tablets, but Apple is unlikely to abandon one supplier of OLED screens to further reduce its dependence on one of the main competitors in the face of Samsung.

According to the source familiar with the situation, if the BOE and will start to cooperate with Apple in a new direction, it was not before 2020. And only if the screens will meet the quality standards specified by the Corporation Tim cook.


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