On the website of the U.S. Patent office was discovered very interesting documents Apple. The engineers of the Corporation are working to create wireless chargers built into the gadgets of the Corporation.

According to the published patent applications, Apple employees have found a way to equip the MacBook, iPad and iPhone thin stations for wireless charging. This device can charge not only Apple Watch, but each other.

Points refill your energy will be located in such a way that Apple gadgets has finally become multitasking — they will be able to perform their duties and play the role of charging stations.

First it is about the use of wireless charging in respect of devices Apple went in 2015. Then, the Corporation has submitted a patent for the iPhone that support Qi standard. These devices really saw the light of day in 2017.

Another development Apple wireless pad Air Power is still not on sale. Engineers looking for a way to combine in one device the energy efficiency and compactness.

Maybe the new patents will help Apple to move forward on long-awaited charging station or even skip this stage, and make the gadgets company truly wireless.


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