Amazing but true.

According to IHS analyst Markit Wayne Lam, Apple earns more than the iPhone XS and XS iPhone Max with 512 GB of memory on Board. Due to the difference between the purchase price of flash memory from vendors and the final cost of the memory module in the new iPhone buyers are forced to pay significantly more.

The analyst found that one Gigabyte of memory on the average cost of the Apple at twenty-five cents. Buyers of the new iPhone the same amount of memory costs three times as much in seventy-eight cents. The memory module 64 GB in the iPhone XS is $23,68, 256 GB — $66,24, 512 GB — $of 132.48. As a result, the analyst noted, memory is one of the levers that significantly increases the revenue Apple.

The increase in the volume of internal flash memory in the new iPhone is a well planned move by Apple. The company not only satisfies the needs of customers in the iPhone with 512 GB of memory, but “dropping” the last on the more expensive fares in iCloud. The desire of buyers to always have a backup of their photos, videos, and programs forcing them to purchase a subscription to iCloud on a 2 TB with a monthly cost of $9.99. It should be noted that the difference in price between the modifications of the new iPhone on a 64 and 512 GB is $350.

Source: Bloomberg


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