Apple has accused Google in creating a false sense of “massive threat” after the publication of the report on critical vulnerabilities of the iOS operating system. This is stated in an official statement, “the Apple company”.

Apple published a report about the shortcomings of the iOS security, which allow you to hack a device when visiting malicious sites. The company said that in its study, Google has exaggerated the threat posed by these vulnerabilities.

“The publication of Google, released six months after the release of patches for iOS, creates a false impression of “mass exploit” for “surveillance of private lives of entire populations in real time.” It’s a fearful thing iPhone owners that their devices can be compromised, but this has never happened”, — said in a statement Apple.

The company stressed that we are talking about a narrow, but not a mass attack. She touched less than ten sites that contained information for the people of the Uighurs (an ethnic minority of Muslims living in China).

Apple found that malicious sites operated for two months, not two years as stated in Google. It is noted that then, in February of 2019, experts have corrected the defects in ten days.

Earlier in August, Google Project Zero warned about the number of critical vulnerabilities in iOS. The company said that the system was 14 vulnerabilities that give hackers to hack Apple devices.

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