Apple, Google and Mozilla have decided to fight with the practices of the authorities of Kazakhstan, which had previously planned to intercept HTTPS traffic of citizens. For this, the largest Internet Corporation banned the root certificate issued by the government of Kazakhstan last month.

Starting today, Chrome, Firefox and Safari will display errors if any HTTPS traffic will be encrypted with the help of the Kazakh certificate.

So corporations want to show that they care about the privacy of users from Kazakhstan. In the future, the Internet giants will continue to fight with the practices of tracking and invasion of privacy.

Google’s statement on this occasion is fashionable to read here, Mozilla — here.

Recall that in early August, the Kazakh authorities caught on, stating that the use of the above-mentioned certificates for traffic interception was just a test, which came to an end. Now the citizens can remove them.

Earlier due to report Censored Planet became aware of the details of the wiretapping of HTTPS traffic in Kazakhstan. Earlier it became known that from 17 July, the authorities can decrypt and view the contents of the protected traffic of citizens.

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